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he CVE community is comprised of innovators, educators, leaders and learners of the 21st Century. STEAM is an educational approach to teaching and learning that integrates the content and skills of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry though communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. 


Our vision is that when CVE students are promoted to middle school, they will be empowered learners, responsible and productive digital citizens, knowledge constructors, innovative designers, computational thinkers, creative communicators and global collaborators. 

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Lead Test Results: January 2020

STEAM Newsletter

Upcoming Schoolwide STEAM Events:

STEAM is happening everywhere at CVE.  Students are always involved in the engineering design process as they are being innovative and problem solv
ers in all areas of the curriculum. 

Family STEAM Challenges:  These are quarterly challenges that families can enjoy doing together at home.  The products from these challenges are displayed at school and the students are celebrated.  These challenges are voluntary. 

SAVE THE DATE: Cromwell Valley Elementary Magnet Expo – MARCH 24, 2020! This is a wonderful evening where families can engage in a wide variety of STEAM activities to celebrate our wonderful STEAM school.  Participants will enjoy working with coding, robotics, magnet challenges, financial literacy activities, Lego challenges, and many other STEAM activities. 

CVE Drop Everything and STEAM Day: 4/3/20 – This is a day where the entire CVE school community participates in a STEAM challenge.  The theme for this day is Magnets and the Maglev Train Systems. 

The CVE stream study for 2020 has begun with nature walks on the trail led by Ranger Casserly. 

 Kinder kids learned LEGO vocabulary and how to build a LEGO house! Houses will be on display at our STEAM Expo. Students are learning how to use the programWixie, on the Google Chrome books.

Students in first grade learned about the life cycle of a frog in order to create LEGO tadpoles. Their tadpoles have turned into froglets, and students have coded their froglets to hop and ribbit.

Second grade students learned all about different pollinators. They created and coded LEGO bees that can fly around their LEGO flower to demonstrate pollination. At our STEAM Expo, listen carefully to the bees, you may even hear them buzzing!  


All students are completing tours of the countries they researched in Social Studies using SCRATCH coding.  This involves creating backgrounds and coding to share their countries.  Students really enjoy recording their voices for their projects. 

Students are working with the Hands-on Algebra program while reading Gebra Named Al.  They are also creating their own math worlds using SCRATCH coding. 

Students explored race car features in order to create and program a LEGO race car. Teams were able to investigate what factors would make their LEGO race car go faster.

Fourth grade students manage the School Store and Bank for the School Financial Community.  They are learning about purchasing, pricing, inventory, and how banks run.  Students also manage mock stock portfolios of $100,00 with real time trading.  They complete short focused research and learn about how the markets function. After completing their science unit, Rubbish Rescue, students designedbuilt, and coded a LEGO prototype of a machine that could move and pick up trash on our school ground.



Fifth Grade students manage mock stock portfolios of $100,00 with real time trading. They work in collaborative groups to come to a consensus decision about the purchase and sale of various stocks and mutual funds. They complete fundamental and technical research to help choose their investments. 


Students are using Lego Robotics to explore polygons on the coordinate plane.  They are working in groups of four to design, build, and program their robots using block coding. The block coding helps students to think algebraically.  All teams keep a journal of their journey with this project. This requires communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. 

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