Advanced Academics

Elementary Advanced Academics Overview

K  1  2  3  4  5
 English Language Arts K-5
Ongoing access to Acceleration Pathway ELA curricula. Placement in the Acceleration Pathway is based on a review of formal and informal assessments throughout the school year. 
 Math K
Ongoing access to
to support the range of learners.


 Math 1 and 2
Ongoing access to embedded 
extension tasks in grades one and two mathematics curriculum

 Math 3
Ongoing access to embedded enrichment tasks in grade 3 curriculum.

 Math 4
Ongoing access to Grade 4 Advanced Mathematics (4/5) compacted curriculum. 

 Math 5
Access to
Grade 5 Advanced Mathematics curriculum.

      Universal screening at the end of grade 3 for initial advanced academic grouping based on a comprehensive review of student data.   All students in grade 4, including new entrants, should be monitored to ensure ongoing access to advanced academic grouping.   Universal screening at the end of grade 5 for placement  in middle school GT courses based on a comprehensive review of relevant student data. 

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Office of Advanced Academics

Gifted and Talented Citizen's Advisory Committee