School Supply List 2019-2020

The following lists are supplies that will likely be used by students during the year:

2 vinyl folders with pockets (place child’s name on the back please)
1 average size backpack, NO Wheels- folder, lunchbox and snack should fit in the backpack
1 oversized old adult t-shirt for art/painting
1 box of “fat” markers
8 “fat” pencils with erasers (sharpened)
2 packs of #2pencils (sharpened)
6 small glue sticks (no large ones, please)
1 16 pack crayons
2 boxes of colored pencils
1 bottle of school glue (4 oz.)
1 pack dry erase markers and one eraser

baby wipes 
hand sanitizer
boxes of tissues
sponges with “scrubby” backs   
resealable sandwich size plastic bags
resealable gallon size plastic bags
liquid soap
4 pack of Playdoh
small/large paper plates
brown/white paper bags
paper towels

First Grade:
1 school box
2 highlighters
2 pair of scissors
2 boxes of sharpened pencils
3 PLASTIC pocket folders (blue, green and yellow)
10 glue sticks
1 spiral notebooks
2 pack Expo dry erase markers (multi-colored)
1 24 pack boxes of crayons 
1 pack of pencil top erasers
art smock or big t-shirt
file box (for index cards)
2 markers
1 pack of index cards
1 box of colored pencils

liquid soap
box of gallon Ziploc bags
box of tissues
2 magic erasers

Second Grade:

1 zippered pencil case (about 6 ½” x 9 ½”)
2 composition notebooks
3 plastic folders with pockets (one red, one blue, one green)
2 large erasers
2 boxes #2 pencils (sharpened)
1 box of 24 crayons
1 box of 12 colored pencils 
2 pairs of scissors
8 glue sticks
art shirt or smock
1 average size backpack (no wheels)
1 pack of 4-6 dry erase markers (for personal use)
1 eraser for dry erase board (for personal use)

liquid soap
hand sanitizer
box of tissues

Third Grade:

4 plastic folders
3 marble notebooks
1 steno notepad
1 hard cover, one-inch binder
1 zippered pencil case/pouch (no pencil boxes)
24 pencils
1 pack 24 crayons or colored pencils
2 highlighters
2 red pens
6 glue sticks
6 dry erase markers
dry erase eraser
art smock

box of tissues
baby wipes
loose leaf paper
hand sanitizer 

Fourth Grade:
1 backpack-non rolly kind
1 pack colored pencils
1 pack dry erase markers
3 marble composition books
2 packs of lined paper
1 soft pencil case
3 packages of #2 pencils.  Replenish as needed
2 packages pencil cap erasers 
4 glue sticks
5 pocket folders with brads (1 each of red, blue, green, purple and yellow)
3 highlighters (1 each of yellow, pink, and green)
1 pair of scissors
3 packages of lined Post Its

box of tissues
hand sanitizer 

Fifth Grade:
1 backpack-non rolly kind
1 pack colored pencils
4 marble composition books
1 soft pencil case.  No locks please
3 packages of 24 #2 Ticonderoga pencils.  Replenish as needed
2 packages pencil cap erasers (about 20 total)
2 pack of 4 glue sticks
3 pocket folders (1 each of red, blue, and yellow)
3 highlighters (1 each of yellow, pink, and green)
1 scissors
3 packages of lined Post It brand notes 
Optional if student prefers their own:
computer mouse

3 boxes of tissues
baby wipes
index cards
Crayola markers thin or original
pencil cap erasers for class refill bin
***Mrs. Flynn will take any children’s books that you’re willing to part with