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CVE teachers and administrators understand and support the benefits a strong volunteer program brings to its students. CVE volunteers work both in and out of school and across all grades and areas. Volunteers include parents, grandparents, community members, older siblings, and local high school students. Individuals may volunteer on a regular schedule, a one-time basis or as part of an ongoing project.

 Opportunities are available in art, computer lab, music, gym, library, classrooms, field trips, school wide support areas such as: lunch buddies, mentors, reading specialist as well as a variety of PTA programs.

The CVE Volunteer Program is designed to match volunteers’ time, interests, and abilities with an area of need. Each volunteer should enjoy what he/she is doing and feel appreciated for their effort.

 Prior to volunteering, chaperoning a field trip, or working with students in any capacity, an Application for Volunteer Service and volunteer training must be completed.

 Volunteer Procedures

Every CVE volunteer working at school must sign-in at the main office upon arrival. CVE currently maintains a Volunteer/Visitor Binder in the main office. Do not forget to take a volunteer badge.

The binder is divided into sections.

  • On-site volunteers need to sign-in at the Volunteer section.
  • Field trip chaperones sign in at the Field Trip/Off-Site section.

Volunteers must sign in for many reasons:

  • To be located in the building if an emergency should arise
  • To be covered under Baltimore County Public School’s liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance
  • To maintain the necessary head count of every person in the building in the event of a fire drill or emergency and ensure that everyone is evacuated
  • To provide the CVE administration with an account of the type and quantity of volunteer activities occurring at school.

After you have finished your volunteer commitment at school for the day, remember to sign out in the Volunteer/Visitor Binder. Please remember to leave your volunteer badge.

Thank you for volunteering at CVE!